Avery is a valuable supplier for Driver’s Auto Repair and is considered a partner in our business.  They are dependable and when we call whether it is an emergency or a new store opening we know that we can count on them to be there for us.  From accounting to sales to the drivers Avery is a great company to do business with.
Scott and Rebecca Darnell

Ken Easton and Avery Oil have been outstanding partners to work with. They are very competitive in pricing and outstanding in customer service! The service department is accommodating, professional and eager to please. They truly understand the formula for success!

Greg Gansle
Operations Manager
Drivers Edge

Avery & Company, as the distributor for Valvoline products in San Antonio, has provided us with excellent support and service since we opened our first service center in San Antonio in 1991. Over the years, we have grown significantly in terms of locations and offering the very latest in Valvoline products – Valvoline DuraBlend, SynPower and MaxLife motor oils and Valvoline Professional Series Fuel System products -- to meet the needs of our customers and their vehicle manufacturers’ requirements. Our growth and our ability to always stay at the forefront of offering and installing the very latest in lubrication and vehicle systems products would not have been possible without Avery & Company’s consistent commitment and enthusiastic support to be proactive in procuring the very latest Valvoline products backed by excellent, on-time delivery.

With a long term, dedicated and customer-oriented staff along with a regular and reliable delivery schedule, Avery has been a key player in assisting us in effectively and efficiently managing our Valvoline product inventory and costs. This represents great customer service every step of the way!

And, we will soon be introducing the new Valvoline NextGen product line of “green” motor oils at all our stores in San Antonio to meet the needs of environmentally sensitive motorists. I know we can count on Avery and Company’s reputation and passion to “stay ahead of the curve” in the introduction of the new Valvoline NextGen motor oils.

We look forward to many more years of a strong partnership with Avery and Company.

Navin Bhatia
Valvoline Instant Oil Change
San Antonio, Texas

As a national oil company, we have worked with hundreds of oil distributors around the United States.  In my experience, Avery Oil Company represents one of the classiest and most customer service oriented distributors we have been fortunate enough to call a partner.   Avery does an amazing job of communicating delivery dates and more importantly, follows through on those promised delivery dates.  It is refreshing to know that when I place an order with Avery for delivery, I do not have to worry about it being delivered promptly and professionally.  Furthermore, Avery’s sales reps have an outstanding grasp on market conditions, product knowledge, and how to effectively help quick lubes and car dealerships add margin to their bottom line.  I look forward to continue growing our relationship with Avery and watching our companies prosper accordingly.

Northern American Lubercants

To Current and Prospective Customers: I own two auto repair facilities and used a branded motor oil for twelve years. I was always afraid to change. I thought it would make a difference to my customers but as the economy took a turn I decided that I needed to make some changes in how much inventory I needed to keep on hand and the cost of my bulk oil. Ken Easton came out and gave us his pitch for Service Pro and Avery Oil. He made a great presentation so I decided to give him and his company a try. It has been one of the best decisions I have made for my company. Our bottom line has improved, my customers are still happy and we have received the best customer service we have ever had. Not only did Ken help me with our orders and product line, he took the time to come up with different promotions and ideas to build our business. I wish that everyone we deal with would give us that same great customer service. I would be happy to answer any questions regarding the product line or service. -- Alison Dolezal Kwik Kar Arlington-Owner

To whom it may concern:

Ken Easton and Avery Oil have been outstanding partners to work with. They are very competitive in pricing and outstanding in customer service! The service department is accommodating, professional and eager to please. They truly understand the formula for success!

Greg Gansle
Operations Manager
Drivers Edge

Quite often I am asked by other quick lube owners if I am happy that I use Avery Oil as my primary oil supplier. Every time when I am asked I quickly answer yes! Recently I was asked to elaborate on that answer in several areas. It made me stop and think…

1. Ease of ordering: You have provided us a customized sheet that lists the products we purchase from your company. We fax it in to you or the local office. If we need to change the order we merely call you or your local distribution center. The change is made. I can't imagine how you could change this system to make it any better for me.
2. Product offerings: The products you offer in bulk are the products we use. You sell me over 95% of the filters that our customers require. Your bulk oils are used in over 90% of our oil changes. With the exception of CVT transmission fluids, you cover 100% of our transmission needs. That need is stocking just 2 fluids. Differential and transfer case lube your products completely cover our needs. We had a need for lube in axles that have limited slip feature. You now stock three lubes that cover all our needs because the additive is present in those products.
3. Pricing: I can't tell you how great an impact buying your products have meant to our "Cost of Goods Sold". Based on the current price level for Pennzoil (conventional oil) 5W20 and 5W30 vs. Service Pro (synthetic blend) 5W20 and 5W30 and considering 500 oil changes per month, the additional profit is $1983.50. Then add in the full synthetic, the savings in multi-vehicle ATF and the savings in diesel oil the savings and resulting profits are enormous.

4. The Earl Factor: Your driver, Earl, is the most thoughtful delivery driver we have had. He is concerned that he might
be holding up the flow of cars. He is not concerned for his schedule. He wants to make sure we are able to take care of our customers. He works quickly and never leaves a mess.

In conclusion Ken, if asked about doing business with your company, I would have to say that I am completely satisfied. In fact, you and your company far exceed my expectations. If you ever need to have anyone call me and ask any questions I would be more than willing to tell them of my experiences with you.

Rick Bliss
Proud Owner

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